Sun Harvest-Organic without the Price Tag

With the recession, most are looking for easy ways to cut costs. Whenever people are presented with the amount of money they spend on eating out this is the first number they want lower! Recently the Orlando Sentinel published a story about how buying healthy, non processed foods could help you save on grocery bills.

In this spirit, may I suggest Sun Harvest, a natural foods store that offers the selection of Whole Foods and Central Market without the gourmet prices. I popped in today and was amazed at some of the numbers I saw….$.25 for a pound of navel oranges, $.99 for a pound of large tomatoes, and the list goes on. And while Sun Harvest does carry some of the higher end brands you come to expect from the natural market, you cannot walk in there without seeing a sale (I believe the sign today was Buy one Get one Free Bakery).

The fresh atmosphere immediately made even the most kitchen shy person like me feel adventurous. I bought some jasmine rice from bulk foods ($1.42), chicken breasts ($2.54) and some honey glaze sauce ($2.50). I also bought some yogurt covered pretzels to snack on just in case the whole meal goes awry ($1.10). All told….a meal I can eat off of for a good three days under $10 bucks..and a snack!

Just in case some of you want to make this a habit find some cheap ingredients here.


4 responses to “Sun Harvest-Organic without the Price Tag

  1. This is really cool! That bakery concept is really tempting.

  2. I’m getting hungry… Everything you just named sounds delicious. Where is Sun Harvest located?

  3. It is on South Lamar almost to 290

  4. This is amazing. My b/f and I try to eat very healthily and wish we could afford Central Market/Whole Foods, so we will definitely be check out Sun Harvest. Thanks for the tip.

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