Getting Around

Almost every Austinite you meet will say, I love the city, but I hate the traffic! Yes, the city is beautiful, but the traffic is bad. And though gas is back under $2 per gallon (knock on wood) we can all appreciate ways to make the money we put in our tanks last a little while longer.

Our first tool in this endeavor is a site that provides the addresses of the cheapest gas prices in the city. While it might defeat the purpose to drive and get the gas at these places if they are far from where you live, but if you live near one of these stations and didn’t know it…well that’s all the better.

 And while talking about gas mileage can get a little overwhelming, there are some easy things you can do in your car to make it more fuel efficient. Without a mechanic. The list includes things you wouldn’t expect like tightnening your gas cap and parking in well-shaded areas.

Finally, we Texans are attached to our cars, but  the city of Austin has not only ranked as the 29th most walkable city in the country (walking, which is always free) but also has CapMetro, the public transit system with passes that have unlimited rides for adults under twenty dollars a month.

To enjoy our cheap tips, you have to travel. Hope this helps!


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