Make Some Extra Money…The Easy Way

Getting a job is pretty tough these days.  Your babysitting job isn’t really paying as much as you expected and your parents are gradually sending you less and less money. 

But, before you turn to rummaging through your couch cushions in hopes of turning up some loose change, may I suggest heading over to Buffalo Exchange, where you get paid for your old clothes!

Front view courtesy of

Front view courtesy of


“Buffalo Exchange is unique because clothing and accessories are bought, sold and traded directly with store customers. Bring in your former favorites for trade or cash on the spot!”

Now, how easy does that sound!  And before you automatically opt for “cash on the spot,” take a walk around the store.  I guarantee you will find something to suit your style.  From vintage shirts to crazy shoes to an outfit for going downtown, this place has it all.  With affordable price tags and a fun atmosphere, Buffalo Exchange is well worth your time.

Check out this video from the TODAY show where NBC host Amy Robach and stylist Alison Deyette take a trip to a Buffalo Exchange store in Brooklyn!


4 responses to “Make Some Extra Money…The Easy Way

  1. I’ve never been to Buffalo Exchange and I’ve always wondered how it worked! Thanks!

  2. I love Buffalo Exchange! This place is awesome. It is useful for two reasons. First you can get cash and second it helps you clean out your closet. Also this is a great place to find Halloween costume pieces.

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