Free SXSW partay, The Showdown 2009!

The weather may be miserable but the rain ain’t dampening the spirit this Friday! With Spring Break ’09 officially in motion, most students have flocked south to soak up the sun and some alcohol, I daresay.

For those of you spending the break in the fabulous city of Austin, SXSW promises to be a fun spring starter. If you, like me, refuse to let the economy poop any SXSW parties this year, here is an interesting one which happens to be free!

The Village Voice Media are hosting a The Showdown 2009 on Friday, March 20 at La Zona Rosa. The line-up, you ask?

They seem like an interesting mix of bands from New York to California and their small, start-up, indie music feel is exactly what the music festival is all about. So grab a friend (or two) and get a whiff of this year’s SXSW serve-up, cost-effectively!

For more information and tickets, go here. For more cheap, fun SXSW events as well as information on what is new and different this year, go here.

In the meantime, here is a tune by one of the performers, Crystal Antlers.

Post by Simrat Sharma.


6 responses to “Free SXSW partay, The Showdown 2009!

  1. I wish that UT did not have spring break the same week at SXSW. I have always wanted to go to the festival but can never resist going somewhere for spring break. I also never realized that some of the concerts were free. That makes it even more appealing.

  2. I agree, it seems silly to put the festival over a week when most of the student population will be out of town. Hopefully I will be back in time to catch a show or two! But this post is really useful, as even though I know SXSW is going on, and they have a website, I’ve found it really hard to actually get a schedule or idea of when and where things are happening, who’s playing etc. Has anyone else had the same troubles?

  3. One thing also cool about SXSW is that people come from all over to see it. My brother’s friend is in from out of town, and one of my friends might be coming in from LA. Austin is like the place to be during this week!

    Happy Spring Break everyone.

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing some of the free SXSW shows! I have been wondering for days which ones would be free but couldn’t seem to find a complete list online. This is great!

  5. Thanks for the information on the free shows! It seems like so much of SXSW is underground it is nice to all the information compiled together.

  6. Interesting info. What do you think of Village Voice media? I had a friend explain to me that SXSW wasn’t very good for Austin musicians b/c the city is taken over by other than Austin musicians for the week of sx, making it difficult for Austin musicians to gig during that week and a bit after.

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