Cheap date idea

Loop 360 Bridge from Mount Bonnell

View from Mount Bonnell of the 360 bridge.

While the weather may not be at its best, here is a cheap idea for a day trip with friends, or even a date with that special someone.

Mount Bonnell is:

  • One of Austin’s oldest tourist attractions dating back to 1850.
  • The highest point within Austin City Limits at 785 feet,
  • A wonderful place to picnic in the sun.
  • Contains views of Town Lake and the Pennybacker Bridge as well as wonderful vistas of downtown.
  • a short hike from the road and there is no entrance fee.

    Steps leading up to Mount Bonnell. (photo courtesy of DigiDragon, flickr)

    Steps leading back down to the street by Mount Bonnell.

Mount Bonnell is located at:

Mt. Bonnell Austin
3800 Mt. Bonnell Drive
Austin, TX 78731

Did you know?

Hey Real World fans! Remember Real World Austin, when Danny and Melinda first met? Well, the lovebirds met at Mount Bonnell, before moving into the house together and eventually getting married


4 responses to “Cheap date idea

  1. I have always heard that the Dry Creek Saloon near Mount Bonnell is a fun place to go. Although I have yet to go, it might be cool to check out while you are there.

  2. I have been to Mount Bonnell a couple of times and it is a must see while in Austin. The view is so pretty and it is so peaceful/relaxing up there. You feel like you aren’t even in Austin anymore! Having a picnic would be quite nice up there!

  3. I have to agree with Kristin! Mount Bonnell is a great place to go on a date, and even better around sun set. It has a great view of downtown and over the lake!

  4. Mount Bonnell is a great place to go! The last time I was there I was proposal. I think I am going to take Kristin’s advice and get a picnic basket and some friends and go up there when it gets warmer.

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