A Little Bit of Hollywood Comes to ATX

Banner courtesy of bookpeople.com

Banner courtesy of bookpeople.com

For all of you die-hard celebrity gossip fans, Saturday, March 21, is your lucky day.  The “Queen of all Media” and blogger turned superstar, Perez Hilton, will be making his appearance here in Austin at Book People to autograph copies of his book, Red Carpet Suicide!  I know, calm down.  Try to save all your excitement for the big day because we all know Perez likes a little pazzazz and sass.  He seemed to enjoy his stay last spring at SXSW and we would hate to fail to deliver on his return.  

But, listen closely.  In order to enjoy the quick sighting and signing, you must have a wristband, available starting at 12:30 p.m. the day of the event.  The signing will not start until 2, but you can expect a huge crowd, so I suggest getting there quite early.  And yes, the whole thing is free!  However, your copy of “Red Carpet Suicide” must have been purchased at Book People in order to be signed by Perez.  Yes, it seems there are so many rules and regulations, but what did you expect.  It is, gasp, PEREZ! 

Check out this video from Perez to get us pumped up about his time in Austin!

P.S. For those of you actually in Austin this week, try to take advantage of Yelp deals, where participating restaurants discount various menu items 50 percent!  (Think $7 rolls at Uchi compared to the regular $14!)


2 responses to “A Little Bit of Hollywood Comes to ATX

  1. Thanks so much for the Yelp Deals link! I didn’t know about this, but it’s Saturday so I still have time to take advantage.

  2. I am so mad that this was during UT spring break! I would have been there in a heartbeat if I had been in Austin. Perez was also telling everyone what clubs he went to downtown on his Twitter page. I wonder what crazy stories people have from encounters with him on 6th streeet?

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