Student Discounts

Student Discounts

Student Discounts

Not very many people clip coupons anymore, but they are still a great way to save. Many local businesses make it especially easy for students to save by compiling coupons in one go-to place. The Student Discount Handbook is printed once every year and passed out to students free of charge. The coupon book offers great deals on everything from food to beauty products. Saving a dollar or two with each coupon can really add up. If you don’t have the book you can still print the coupons online.

Also don’t forget to ask for student discounts at other places you frequent. Often movie theaters and retail stores will offer student discounts, but these discounts are not advertised. J Crew is one store that offers 10 percent off to students who shop in their store. You just need to show them your student ID to cash in. Apple is another store that gives students a little help by lowering prices.

Here is a list of places around Austin that offer student discounts. Students might as well take advantage of these great deals while you are still in school.

Post by Sarah Lacy


7 responses to “Student Discounts

  1. It’s easy to chuck handouts such as coupon books in the bin, but I agree, a dollar or two saved here and there all adds up. I had no idea J-Crew or Apple offered student discounts. I am in need of a new computer so will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks!

  2. Wow! I am glad someone reminded me. I have been a student so long I forgot that eventually I will have live without my discount I have grown so used to. Another retail store is Madwell which gives 15% off for students (I think they are owned by JCrew.)

  3. I have gotten the discount book every year and never used it. There are actually some pretty decent deals in there. I think AT&T gives students a discount in their monthly bill as well although im not sure if they automatically factor that in. I didn’t know about the Apple discounts either, thanks!

  4. Great post! That link you provided that lists all the student discounts around town is really very helpful! And Jill, thanks for reminding me that Madewell gives a discount! I totally forgot!

  5. I received a 15 percent discount at Express when I went shopping for some spring break attire a couple of week ago. It was lovely. Always carry your ID with you. Also, I ride the Metro everyday. If I weren’t a student and it wasn’t free, I def would not ride it. What can I say? I am poor.

  6. Great post Sarah! The discount I make the most of on the list you linked to is EZ’s $2 off of an $8 meal. I love their pastas!

  7. Thanks very much for mentioning the Handbook in this post. We have been saving students money since 1993 and love what we do. Check our site frequently as we add new coupons throughout the semester.

    Thanks & Happy Saving!

    David Flash, Publisher

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