Calling all Domestic Gods and Goddesses

I for one hate channels like TLC and the Home and Garden TV. Ok not really, I just hate myself when I sit on the couch and start watching the remodeling shows then look at the clock and 4 hours has passed by! I am always fasinated how shows like Design on a Dime and Trading Spaces pull together such great rooms in those with those price specifications (well most of the time). Who wouldn’t be inspired to do a little redecorating? Often the designers pull from vintage and second hand shops, which our fair city has plenty of, and where you can get great deals! Austin also has something a little of something for everyone’s taste including Prototype for bright 1970s prints and graphics. If you want something more 1960s retro, there is Room Service Vintage  where you can also sell old furniture. For just a small scale update to your room try a cool mod lamp at La Luz Home and Fashion on South First. And I have never left Uncommon Objects without something..well uncommon. Get ready to dig though–these stores are Neiman Marcus, but neither are the prices.


I was able to get this really pretty frame for a steal at RoomService. And no you won’t find anything like this at Ikea!

Posted by Jill Harris


3 responses to “Calling all Domestic Gods and Goddesses

  1. Jill the links are great! I love looking for unique and out of the box things at thrift stores, so these two stores will be awesome to add to my repetoire! Thanks!

  2. Very cool. It just goes to show the many “weird” things that are found around the Austin area.

  3. The Uncommon Objects place looks divine! I have been to the SoCo shopping district before but I never come across this store. Thanks for the info, great post!

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