Eat Cheap… But Eat Well

We all know the economy is not doing so hot at the moment. Almost every article you read or talk show you watch refers somehow to saving money. Well, TEXAS MONTHLY magazine, based here in Austin, has jumped on this bandwagon too.

April 2009 Issue of TEXAS MONTHLY

April 2009 Issue of TEXAS MONTHLY

The new issue has a cover story, “How to Eat Well in Hard Times,” by Pat Sharpe about eating affordably. She has gone to cities around Texas and compiled a list of her 25 favorite dishes under $10. They all sound VERY appetizing. Unfortunately, you have to be a TEXAS MONTHLY subscriber to read the article, but I highly recommend picking up a copy if you don’t already have one. She includes restaurants from Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Fort Worth.

She even listed a few meals at restaurants I would have never thought to be cheap. Lamberts in downtown Austin and Chez Nous, also in Austin, are two restaurants where I did not know you could find a great deal. Leave it to Pat to find great deals at the best restaurants. You can also check out her blog on great food around Texas here.

This article proves that eating cheap does not always have to mean lowering your standards. You can eat affordably while also getting the best. Some of my personal favorite places that are affordable, yet delicious, include Flip Happy Crepes near Barton Springs and Lamar, Quality Seafood on Airport Rd., and Zen on South Congress and Guadalupe. Check them out!

Post by Sarah Lacy


6 responses to “Eat Cheap… But Eat Well

  1. Great post Sarah. I love Flip Happy Crepes, and the happy hours at Quality Seafood (which features something different M-Th) is definitely worth checking out.

  2. Michele Pierini

    I love how you mentioned Flip Happy Crepes!
    It seems like a lot of great food comes out of those little metal trailer things. Affordable street food is awesome!

  3. I am so happy it mentions Quality Seafood. So good—Their crabcakes are amazing!

  4. Thanks for posting this! I’m going to buy the magazine now.

  5. I agree that Austin is a city where eating well doesn’t need to be expensive. For more food deals and meal ideas, check out!

  6. Flip Happy Crepes???!!!???

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