Austin City Limits taping

Ever miss watching PBS? All those cartoons we loved as kids? Well ,we can still enjoy PBS, just the grown up side to it.

Right here on-campus, they tape episodes of Austin City Limits television show. They have a blog which publishes the who, what, where, and when. There doesn’t seem to be any big names coming out right now, but keep your eyes and ears open. You never know who will be dropping by.

Visit the studio while you still can, ACL plans to move its recording studio in 2010.

They also offer tours of the sound stage. Each Friday at 10:30 a.m., the studio opens for tours of the famed soundstage.   Admission is free. You can have your picture take onstage too.  The tour schedule varies on holidays, so please call ahead. KLRU is located on the University of Texas campus at the intersection of Dean Keeton and Guadalupe (in the CMB building). No tour on Friday though.

KLRU hotline: (512) 475-9077 I called the hotline and found out that Ben Harper was on campus during Spring Break. New artists haven’t been published yet, but its something to work looking out for, especially with its great proximity to campus.


2 responses to “Austin City Limits taping

  1. I ave always wondered how you can get the hook up for tickets to these tapings. Even if you find out that one of your favorite artists is coming how do you get tickets to see them?

    It is also fun to see all the tour buses lined up around the communication building on my way home from class. I have yet to see an actual celeb but I always wonder who is in the bus!

  2. You have to call the hotline. They haven’t updated it yet. There is a location in the CMB where you pick them up.

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