Explore the Austin Public Library

Our previous post about book clubs put me in a reading mood. If you are an avid reader as well, then it is high time you ditch Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and BookPeople. An easy way to save money is to use the FREE books and resources of the Austin Public Library.

There are tons of locations around the City of Austin so you are sure to find one near your neighborhood. If you are looking for one book in particular, try using the library database before you head out the door. You can find which local library has the exact book you want. You can also rent DVD’s, CD’s, and audio books from the Austin libraries. For a full list of the library’s many services go here.

The main library in the Austin system is the Faulk Central Library. It is closed for renovation until April 14th but is worth a visit when it opens again. It is located downtown on Guadalupe.

One misconception that many citizens have is that libraries are only full of research materials and non-fiction. Well if you are looking for your next great novel try using the Austin Public Library’s “Fiction Connection” which will lead you to titles similar to ones you have previously liked.

To begin checking out books all you need to do is fill out a simple application for an Austin Public Library Star Card. Bring the printable application plus a photo ID and proof of your current address to begin using the library and it’s online services.

The public library system works heavily off of donations. You can contribute to the Austin Library Foundation or donate your used books once you start utilizing the public library. UT students can also save money by using the campus libraries when they want to read for pleasure.

Check out this fun commercial from the Austin librarians:

Post by Sarah Lacy


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