Favorite Money-Saving Sites!

Photo by Endless Studio via Flickr Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution license

Photo by Endless Studio via Flickr Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution license

I don’t know if it’s my finance class, writing for this blog or just staring at those pennies and nickels at the top of this site for too long,  but I have been on the hunt for the best frugal blogs and money saving sites out there and narrowed it down to three that you absolutely must check out!

1. almostfrugal.com This one, done by a mom in France, is probably my favorite!  I can honestly say I have enjoyed each post I have read from this blog (especially the one on crazy money saving ideas)!  Not only are the posts fun to read, but so helpful!  She even includes a “Free Samples and Coupons” RSS feed on the side that looks quite good.  She also does a special “Tell Us Tuesday” section each week where she poses a question to the readers and invites them to share their repsonse in the comments section.  And she actually gets several responses!  And GOOD responses at that!  I learned a lot from the comments people left as well as the actual posts.

2. notmadeofmoney.com/blog This one is done by a husband and wife who have been debt-free their whole marriage, so you know they’re legit! The posts here go a little deeper into more financial talk than the one above, but these are things we all need to become aware of, seeing as many of us are graduating in May or soon after and will be budgeting on our own!  Check out this post on how to eat healthy on a budget!

3. frugalvillage.net Wow! This site explores everything from energy to appliances to food!  It is FULL of interesting tips and tricks on easy ways to save money (for example, ways to use up extra oranges).  You will be amazed at what all your learn from each post.  I could not even pick out a favorite!  The categories are broken down into frugal: living, cooking, gardening, holidays, home/family, tips, question/answer, and that is not even all of them!  Check out this post about “the frugal bathroom.”  It’s a good one.

There are thousands of more frugal sites and blogs out there, these are just some of my favorites I have stumbled upon!  Go searching for some yourself and let me know what you turn up!  Happy saving!

Post by Kristin White


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