Austin City-Wide Garage Sale

If you like vintage clothing, chintz and antiques, plan to up early on Saturday, April 25, because it might just be worth the while. The Austin City-Wide Garage Sale, organized by The Vintage Market and Events Company, is held once a month at the new-and-fancy Palmer Events Center. The next sale is the weekend of April 25th.

If you have a house or apartment full of stuff you don’t use, make some easy money while making your living space clutter-free! If you want to find some good deals on quality, second-hand goods belonging to people within the city, indulge in some guilt-free shopping! Everyone wins!

Photo by Sharon Kay11, Flickr. Coffee Table from Austin Garage Sale. CC 2.0 Attribution.

Photo by Sharon Kay11, Flickr. Coffee Table from Austin Garage Sale. CC 2.0 Attribution.

I was a garage sale skeptic once but I went to UT Austin’s Trash to Treasure garage sale at the end of last summer and found all the furniture that now sits in my living room. I have now turned over a new leaf. If you navigate your way intelligently through these thrifty carnivals, you can find some surprisingly chic but cheap stuff. If you don’t believe me, check out what Ana Louise, a fellow Austinite, found at the garage sale when she went in March. She says it all on her blog, Grown-Up Shoes. Other people interested in memorabilia found old photographs at the sale.

If you are still not sold, here is another Austinite, who found some sentimental items and a pretty, chintz chair at the sale. She chronicled her trip from this January.

The sale will feature fellow Austinites selling antiques, fine laces and linens, books, china, Texas collectibles, pottery, vintage clothing and accessories (reason enough for me!), estate jewelery and even fishing lures.With the spring finally settling in, this is a great opportunity to get some cheap, new summer clothes!

Austin’s City-Wide  Garage Sale charges a $5 entry fee and is free for all children under 12. Parking at the Palmer Center costs a little more but if you show your parking receipt at the box office, you get a $4 coupon for any item at the sale. For parking information and directions, click here.

Tip : Send in your email address in the bottom right box on the main website of the sale and get $1 off your entry fee!

Post by Simrat Sharma


5 responses to “Austin City-Wide Garage Sale

  1. Thanks so much for reminding me about this! I stumbled across this event a while back and completely forgot about it and would have never remembered had it not been for you!!

  2. Simrat Sharma

    oh you’re welcome Kristin! I had actually never heard about this before and I really want to go check it out myself!

  3. This IS really cool. Garage sales are always hit or miss. I remember our school’s 25 cent book sale every year. I got some pretty good steals from that one.

  4. I went this weekend, your post helped convince me to try it again. I LOVE the vintage stuff I found- clothes to bedspreads! Thanks!

  5. Hello City Wide,
    I have been to your shows before and was wanting to know if you are aware of any booth sellers, who offer to purchase estate or garage sale lots and then sell them for profit at your show. Any info would be appreciated. Also, what
    does it cost to rent a booth ?

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