Cheap Gas Prices

Low Gas Prices, photo by Tim Patterson, Flickr. CC 2.0 Attribution.

Low Gas Prices, photo by Tim Patterson, Flickr. CC 2.0 Attribution.

Although gas prices are on the low, it is one of the major expenses for anyone who has a vehicle. SUV and truck drivers have an even harder time filling up the tank without making a giant dent in their monthly expenses. Here are some ways you can save gas in Austin:

  1. Check Austin Gas Prices to be aware of the lowest prices at gas stations closest to you. The site maintains an up-to-date list of the lowest regular gas prices in the last 36 hours, along with maps and directions to the stations. There is a also a corresponding list for the highest regular gas prices in the last 36 hours. All prices are entered by ordinary Austin residents and it is a great way to rally as consumers and save on gasoline expenses.

There are also several forums and polls on the site for residents to discuss gas and transportation related queries and legislation.

  1. Join GasBuddy! Sign up and pledge to report the cheapest and most expensive gas in your area. The more you report, the more points you collect and you could potentially win vouchers for pre-paid gas! Membership is completely free and this is an effective community tool to help Austinites in their quest for cheaper gas! Check out a gas price temperature map that shows you the graduation of gas prices across the nation and Texas. You can browse prices by county.

Pick up some tips to maximize your gas efficiency and keep your car purring from Fuel Ecomony.

Also, see this interesting video by The Wall Street Journal about electric cars taking over pick-up trucks in Texas. I don’t know if that is an actual trend but it is a cool idea!

Post by Simrat Sharma


4 responses to “Cheap Gas Prices

  1. GasBuddy is a great resource for finding the cheapest prices in your area. I also use fuel additives to increase my gas mileage and save some money.

  2. Electric cars really are an interesting concept. My brother drove on in California when we went to visit, and it was cool to find out how it worked. He would do random brake checks, just to charge it up.

  3. Those that live in the Bay Area, like myself, may find useful as it lists gas prices in a table format. Good thing about table format is that you can sort prices from low/high or vice versa. Since gas prices are getting higher these days, I just hope they would not be like last year’s prices.

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