Hey Its Getting Hot Already

Photo by Davipt via Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

Photo by Davipt via Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

Its spring and for Austin that means the touches of summer weather. I recall one time when my friend told me she laid out by the pool in November…only in Texas. Anyways, almost everyone who has lived in a hot state knows the value of a good pool and if you dont have access to one Austin is great place to enjoy several cheap. Of course there is the famous Barton Springs, perfect if you want to read a book or take a very, very cold dip. For you history minded folk, there is Deep Eddy, Texas’ oldest swimming pool where you can get in for the entire day for $3 (less than a 90 minute movie). Although these two are the most famous there is also Hamilton Pool which we mentioned in a previous post, where $8 gets you in. A little less known is South Austin’s Big Stacy, which is open year around and perfect for everyone from experienced lap swimmers to those just learning. And here admission is free. Can’t decide? Here are a few tips to help you. If you want a warm pool, go with Big Stacy, an artesian assures its tempid (which is why they keep it open all year round). If you want to cool off with a cocktail after your swimming, try Deep Eddy, as it has Deep Eddy Cabaret located nearby. And if you want peace and quiet, take you iPod, pools are for screaming kids. Bite the bullet and get show off those tan lines when you are done.
Posted by Jill Harris

One response to “Hey Its Getting Hot Already

  1. I’m not a big swimmer, but these sound really cool! The sad thing is, I get tan lines from walking around campus in my flip flops. 🙂

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