Bat Watching

Photo by pencrush, CC 2.0 Attribution

Photo by pencrush, CC 2.0 Attribution

One great way to spend a free evening in Austin during the summer months is bat watching.  We are lucky to have such a great natural phenomenon right in the middle of our town.  Thousands of bats emerge in the evening to hunt creating a beautiful wave against the sky.

You can pick a variety of ways to watch these bats.  But the best and cheapest is to simply park your car in the downtown area and take a stroll over to the Congress Avenue Bridge. Click here for a map.

On beautiful nights there can be up to 1,000 visitors observing the bats emerge from their home under the bridge.  It is an amazing sight to see that should not be missed by any Austinite.  Take advantage of this great nightly event.

You can catch the bats on any warm night but they are best observed in August and September when the new baby bats begin to fly.  Most emerge from the east side of the bridge so look there for the best view.

Word of warning: Don’t do a flickr or google image search for a bat.  You will be too scared to go see the Congress Avenue bats!

Post by Sarah Lacy


3 responses to “Bat Watching

  1. I still have not seen the bats! I never knew when they come out. Thanks for the post!

  2. I haven’t seen the bats yet too! I didn’t know about the baby bats in August, thank for the info! The photo is super cute.

  3. I am good company! I have not seen the bats either! Its one of those Austiny things- like Chuys I always know is going to be there so I just haven’t gotten around to. But I will definately need to. And this is free.

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