Extreme Sports!-For Free

Come experience the excitement of extreme sports for free, in front of the UT Tower. No pre-registration or tickets are required.

The event includes: Four-Way Bungee

  • a four-way euro bungee- Four participants at a time get strapped into harnesses then jump up and down on the trampolines. Hydraulic motors attached to the bungee cords enable the participants to jump very high and do flips. Euro Bungee is popular with children and teen parties, carnivals and company picnics
  • 75-foot-long zip-line- According to Wikipedia,  a zip-line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable, mounted on an incline. They are designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to traverse from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable.
  • mechanical bull- a must-have at any Texas sized event. 
  • obstacle course
  •  pedestal joust, 
  • and other fun activities. 

  Time: 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Location: UT Main Mall (area in front of the Tower facing the Capitol)

For More information

Here is a taste of what the world fastest zip-line looks like

Seems like a great way to get your pre-week stress out of the way.

posted by Meera Rajagopalan


6 responses to “Extreme Sports!-For Free

  1. What was this event for?

  2. woah I had no idea about this event! Sounds like fun 🙂 I wonder who puts it up.

  3. Michele Pierini

    This is intriguing!
    I wonder who was like “oh hey let’s have extreme sports day!”
    It sounds like maybe something RecSports would do…

  4. Kinda bummed I missed this., though I’m never really too sure about how trustworthy these things are (anything that is meant to be torn down rather easily always seemed kind of sketchy to me.)

  5. I think it was just a random event Students Event Center organized. I’m sad that I missed it to.

  6. Aw man, I missed this. Did anyone get to check it out? Any photo or video links?

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