Horse Racing

How many of you have seen horse racing before?  It is not well known that you can catch a horse race in the Austin area.  Outside of the city limits in Manor, Texas there are races every Saturday and Sunday.  But hurry their racing season only runs until April 26th so there is just one weekend left.

The admission for these weekly races is also amazingly reasonable.  It costs just $2.00 for general admission.  Just $1.00 if you are a student or a senior citizen.  You can’t get much for just one dollar anymore!

The stadium opens at noon on the weekends.  Located just 10 miles east of Austin, it is an easy trip for a day full of fun.  The City of Manor is also an area of Central Texas that many people have not explored.  So instead of heading out to the Kentucky Derby in May take a drive to Manor for some local Texas horse racing.  The beauty of Central Texas makes the drive great on a sunny afternoon.

And although making bets is a frequent event at the horse track avoid betting money to save your cash.  Instead try making wagers among your friends.

Post by Sarah Lacy


7 responses to “Horse Racing

  1. Wow I never knew that there was something like this so close to Austin! I’ve never been to a horse race and there is always a first for everything! Thanks

  2. I never knew Austin did horse racing – I was planning on either visiting the Kentucky Derby or the Steeplechase race in Nashville, but maybe I won’t have to venture that far. And like you said, it would be a good opportunity to visit a different part of Texas. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I can’t believe it is a $1 entry fee! Horse-racing is big in Dubai and its a very high-end, expensive affair to go to one of those. Thanks!

  4. This sounds interesting. It makes me think of Pretty Woman.

  5. In response to Meera’s comment, I really want to put on a big hat and floral dress and go to this thing. That is awesome cover charge especially for something I usually think of as elitist!

  6. I agree. I thought horse races were super expensive to attend. I’ve always wanted to go to one, but I am a poor college student like most. This is exciting.

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