RedBox-A Cheap Night In

Photo by R Burson via Flickr Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution

Photo by R Burson via Flickr Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution

If you are thinking you want to make it a couch night, RedBox might be the perfect solution. These little boxes have been popping up all over the nation including in Austin, allowing movie lovers to rent their favorite new releases for $1 per night and then return them. “What about late fees?” ” The boxes all look the same what if I forget which one I got it at?” ” How do I pay?” 

 Well, there are no late fees and you can return any DVD to any RedBox anywhere, there are several locations in the central Austin area. You can only pay by credit card, and you are required to type in your email when you first get the movie so the RedBox’s system can keep track of how long you keep your movie for. If you don’t return it by 9pm the following day, you are just charged another dollar.

And if you are the kind that likes to plan ahead, you can even reserve your DVDs at

Now for those of you addicted to the convenience of the Nexflix consider this– You order your DVDs and yes they come right to your door, but in the lapsed time you might not want to watch the ones you ordered a few days ago… We are Americans! Austinites! Instant gratification! Its fast, cheap entertainment. What more is there to say.

Post by Jill Harris


7 responses to “RedBox-A Cheap Night In

  1. Isn’t being charged being charged $1 a day a late fee? I love Redbox, but never understood that argument.

  2. Oh yea! I always forget about these! Such a good cheap reminder! Way to always have “keep austin cheap” on your mind!! 😉

  3. In response to Issac, no not really. You still get to keep it for that entire day (well until 9 pm) until you are charged again. But I can see your point. If you are just 5 minutes late and you only planned to spend a $1….tough luck…:(

  4. I love this!!! the only complaint i have is that I think they should have like two copies of each movie. They’ll probably make more. I know when a movie I want isnt there, I tend to give up and just whatever saturday night movie is on.

  5. I always use RedBox at home but I did not know where any locations were in Austin. Thanks for this Jill.

  6. No problem Lauren. I did use RedBox this weekend and I must admit, as much as I like it…I encountered a little problem returning it—The box was full! It was kind of a hassle to drive around looking for another one, so just be aware.

  7. When I’m at home on breaks, I go rent moves from Red Box a lot; it’s so cheap and convenient (at a lot of McDonald’s and grocery stores.)

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