Motivate Yourself for Free!

Mother's inspiration. Photo by Gold41, Flickr. CC 2.0 Attribution.

Mother's inspiration. Photo by Gold41, Flickr. CC 2.0 Attribution.

I know that cheesy motivational speakers can work wonders in their own stead. But you don’t have chant a juvenile acronym to make you feel like you need to make some significant changes in your life. All you need is a little nudge and some good advice. Here is some free (and useful!) advice for certain specific topics.

  • BiGAUSTIN is a non-profit organization in Central Texas for promoting entrepreneurial education, providing business counseling specific to you as well as flexible loans. They micro-lend to small start-ups and have an annual business competition for people with a sustainable idea that could thrive in the region. Check out the winners of the 2009 BiG Idea Business Competition. BiGAUSTIN has free workshops and classes in Borrowing Basics and Start-Ups on a regular basis. Their next free session is on Friday, May 1. Details about the event are here. Directions from UT campus here.

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  • The Occupational Adventure is a great resource to help rekindle your enthusiasm for a chosen career or help you find another one. From “rut busting” to finding your zen, Curt Rosengren from Passion Catalyst provides free and useful tips to make it happen. Do check out the blogroll of the Adventure, it is abundant with links to similar and interesting websites.
  • Life Coaches Blog provides inspiration, motivation and stress tips that might help you bounce back from a bad month or week. Check out a post about 9 ways to overcome difficult times.
  • Dollar Philanthropy rallies bloggers who pledge to contribute a dollar a week to a non-profit organization. In time, this adds up to much more. This might not be direct benefit in your life but getting involved with a little charity always boosts self-esteem and provides some purpose to an individual.

If curling up with a self-help book is your guilty pleasure/esteem booster, check this post from College Candy about her top picks for the 7 best self-help books. You can buy them for pretty low prices at by eBay.

As a stress buster, check out this funny  movie trailer for The Love Guru, a parody on all self-help motivational speakers!

Post by Simrat Sharma


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