What NOT To Do

Just for the sake of comparison, here is a little look at some very unhelpful ways to save money. Some are crude, some are rude, but all definitely help make our blog look better. So read on for a few laughs…

10 Retarded Money Saving Tips People are Actually Trying (Cracked.com)


6 responses to “What NOT To Do

  1. Great link! So clever and witty, it contrasts perfectly with your blog. Maybe you should dabble in some board games to save money next. Game night has never been as much fun as now with the new D&D edition hitting the streets last Thursday. I hope you give the new version a try, y’all loved the last one!

  2. really funny! thanks for the share 🙂

  3. Hahaha–love this!

  4. this is hilarious.. I shared it with my Magazine Production class and they shared it with twitter. ahh the power of blogs/twitter and social media.

  5. I’m glad yall liked the link. Let us know if you find any other money saving advice with a little humor!

  6. So funny! i think the pictures were what really made it.

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