Texas Road Trips

Texas Beach (Corey Leopold CC 2.0)

Summer is just around the corner for most Austinites.  Many of us can’t wait to put on our swimsuit, take off of work, and get ready for a fabulous vacation.  Well this year some might not be able to afford a trip to a Florida beach or a Caribbean cruise.  Very often Texans overlook the great number of things we have to do in our own lone star state.  After all Texas is huge.  Rhode Island would fit into Texas over 212 times, so we must have something worth seeing here!

I have created a list of some of my favorite sites to see around Texas.  Find a good map and some good company and set out for a road trip across the state.  The drive in itself can be fun.

  • You don’t have to miss out on the beach vacation!  Texas beaches have a great coastal vibe and many places to stay.  Some of the most common destinations for Texas beachgoers are Galveston and Padre Island.  My personal favorite Texas beach is in Port Aransas.  It has a small town feel with a great beach.  My favorite resort in the area is the Port Royal. It has great beach access and three fabulous pools.
  • Big Bend National Park is a historic place to take your family this summer.  With the beautiful views and serene landscapes you can experience nature close to home.  The park borders both the US and Mexico so you can get a taste of both cultures in one trip.  More information on visiting Big Bend can be found here.  The Texas ghost town of Terlingua is a fun stop while you are in the area as well.
  • One of my earliest memories is from visiting the Battleship Texas.  Located just outside of Houston, this WWII ship preserves a piece of time.  You can walk through the ship and experience what life would be like to live in the middle of the ocean.  On land tourists can walk through the San Jacinto battleground where the famous showdown with Santa Anna occurred.
  • The San Antonio Riverwalk will give you a great dose of the Tex-Mex culture that Texas is very proud to call its own.  Not only can you get amazing Mexican food, but the shopping is great as well.  It is fun to stroll around the river and sit down for a drink or two.

For more ideas on Texas road trips visit the Texas Tourism website.  They also have an area called Texas Treks that offers Road trip ideas and itineraries.  It is a great was to get inspiration on Texan destinations you have yet to see.  Texas has an endless amount of things to do so take advantage this summer as you make travel plans.

If anyone else has some great ideas for Texas travel destinations let us know below!!

Post by Sarah Lacy


4 responses to “Texas Road Trips

  1. great memories!!

  2. Earlier this semester a group friends and I went to Fredericksburg for the weekend which was really fun – we went to the wineries, and climed Enchanted Rock. But the best part of the trip was when we stopped at Luchenbach – a tiny town that combines its post office, concert hall, and bars all into one. It was like taking a step back in time – I would definitely recommend a stop here as part of any road trip!

  3. Scott Richert

    I am actually planning a trip to Big Bend this summer. I am going to be packing there for about 2 weeks. I am super excited! If you have not been there you should definately check it out.

  4. Glad you had a great time here on the Texas Coast. Next time you come this way, be sure to stay at Port Royal Ocean Resort & Conference Center! Check us out online at http://www.port-royal.com

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