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Free Yoga by Art of Living Austin

Post by Simrat Sharma


Disc Golf…more free exercise!

Ok, I know the previous post discusses something similar to disc golf, but the two are different!  And they are both cheap ways to have fun while getting fit.  Therefore, it is important to highlight them both!

So what exactly is disc golf?

“Disc golf is a disc game in which individual players throw a flying disc into a basket or at a target.”

And, according to the Professional Disc Golf Association:

“The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc.”

The discs are super cheap (about $7) and if you just head over to Pease District Park (24th and Lamar area) you can play for free! That’s right!  I could not believe it either!  You get to play 18 holes of disc golf for absolutely nothing.  What an excellent way to spend these beautiful spring days with friends!

Post by Kristin White

To Write Love on Her Arms Event

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope andTo Write Love on Her Arms finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.  TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire  and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.”

On Thursday, April, 30, 2009, on Main Mall, at 8-10:30 pm, UT’s young chapter of TWLOHA will host founder Jamie Tworkowski, and Aaron Moore, MA, a licensed mental health counselor. They will be motivating the community and pointing to local resources to help those in need. So come out and show your support for anyone you know or may not know yet who could use your help!

This event will begin with Zach Williams performing an acoustic set. photo courtesy of jtrandall’s flikr.

For more information about the cause, keep reading.

by Meera Rajagopalan

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Luminous: UT Fashion At Its Finest

Luminous: University of Texas Fashion ShowWhen I think of fashion I usually next think of money.  These two items often go hand-in-hand.  However, this Friday you will have a great opportunity to have your fill of fashion for absolutely free.  The University of Texas Textiles and Apparel program will be hosting their annual end of year fashion show on April 24th at the Frank Erwin Center.

The show, titled “Luminous,” will feature the work of over 20 senior designers who have been working all semester.  They have spent lots of time preparing for the show, each designing four separate pieces.  The items will include daywear, casual wear, evening gowns and bridal gowns.

It is a community-wide event that everyone can enjoy.  Last year there were over 5,000 attendees to the show.   It’s a great way to spend your Friday evening.  There will be lots to see at this exciting show.

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Dancing With the Stars!

In Flight Entertainment, Austin Dancer, Photo by loudtiger, Flickr. CC 2.0 Attribution.

In Flight Entertainment, Austin Dancer, Photo by loudtiger, Flickr. CC 2.0 Attribution.

No, I don’t mean the stars from the hit tv series but you, yes, you sitting and reading this post right now! Dancing is a wonderful art, a great way to meet new people and learn a little more about other cultures. Here is the best part: Austin has a whole bunch of cheap, even free, ways to get your groove on!

Austin Uptown Dancing has a free workshop on April 30th in two step, swing and salsa. No partners are necessary. A Jack and Jill competition on April 26th for dance partners who want to challenge their lead and follow skills is a great opportunity for people who already have some dancing experience. Entry fee is only $2 per person. Check out other upcoming events at Uptown here.  Their weekly events include lots of workshops and classes and almost all of them are no more than $6-7! Here are maps to their North and South locations.

Austin Swing Syndicate is a great resource for swing lovers. It is a non-profit community of dancers and they promote swing, lindy and hip hop dancing in Austin. I personally think swing dance is the most fun for groups and couples because it is simple and the music is upbeat and cheerful. It is a great beginners dance too. With an annual membership of only $25 with the Syndicate, you can get free classes every Thursday. Their events have entry fees of only $2-5. See their calender here. Also, see some reviews about it at Yelp.

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Do it Yourself, Austin!

I’m sure you’ve heard that some of the best things in life come for free. Since we have dedicated this blog to helping you find those free and wonderful things, here is an idea you may be familiar with. Do It Youself! Exactly, pick up that hammar, gardening hose or baking tray and get to work because there is nothing like doing a home or work-related project on your own and even better, save the money you would have paid someone else to do it. Remember, moved saved is money earned!

Kids at Home Depot, Photo by patterbt, Flickr. CC 2.0 Attribution.

Kids at Home Depot, Photo by patterbt, Flickr. CC 2.0 Attribution.

After the jump, check out some useful websites that will make your life more fulfilling and leave your wallets a tad heavier.

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Bat Watching

Photo by pencrush, CC 2.0 Attribution

Photo by pencrush, CC 2.0 Attribution

One great way to spend a free evening in Austin during the summer months is bat watching.  We are lucky to have such a great natural phenomenon right in the middle of our town.  Thousands of bats emerge in the evening to hunt creating a beautiful wave against the sky.

You can pick a variety of ways to watch these bats.  But the best and cheapest is to simply park your car in the downtown area and take a stroll over to the Congress Avenue Bridge. Click here for a map.

On beautiful nights there can be up to 1,000 visitors observing the bats emerge from their home under the bridge.  It is an amazing sight to see that should not be missed by any Austinite.  Take advantage of this great nightly event.

You can catch the bats on any warm night but they are best observed in August and September when the new baby bats begin to fly.  Most emerge from the east side of the bridge so look there for the best view.

Word of warning: Don’t do a flickr or google image search for a bat.  You will be too scared to go see the Congress Avenue bats!

Post by Sarah Lacy