Do it Yourself, Austin!

I’m sure you’ve heard that some of the best things in life come for free. Since we have dedicated this blog to helping you find those free and wonderful things, here is an idea you may be familiar with. Do It Youself! Exactly, pick up that hammar, gardening hose or baking tray and get to work because there is nothing like doing a home or work-related project on your own and even better, save the money you would have paid someone else to do it. Remember, moved saved is money earned!

Kids at Home Depot, Photo by patterbt, Flickr. CC 2.0 Attribution.

Kids at Home Depot, Photo by patterbt, Flickr. CC 2.0 Attribution.

After the jump, check out some useful websites that will make your life more fulfilling and leave your wallets a tad heavier.

  • Do it yourself is a wonderful website that has instructions and how-tos to tons of things. Home repairs, going green, cooking, stitching and even real estate and finance how-tos are available here. Their list of finance and legal advice links include any number of dummy manuals you may need for insurance queries, home mortgages and legalities for property.
  • Cooking at home is always a pleasure. Food tastes fresher, it costs much lesser and it can be a very fulfilling experience. Here is a list of the Top 10 best cooking recipes websites according to Love To Know editors. To take your experiment the extra mile, Keith Law’s blog, The Dish, has some simple but effective tips to make any recipe brilliant!
  • For all the women (and men!) out there who do not want to spend a fortune at the salon, Kaboose is a great DIY website for beauty tips. Janice Cox has some easy home remedies and recipes for masks and scrubs. The Budget Fashionista has some useful links to commercial but economical beauty products. Check out Free Beauty Tips for more ideas to create your own line of beauty products!

Check out ThreadBanger for ideas and tips to make fashion more afforable by doing it yourself.

In the meanwhile, go green by making your own recyclable tote bag. How? Watch the video!

Post by Simrat Sharma


7 responses to “Do it Yourself, Austin!

  1. Michele Pierini

    I am definitely a fan of DIY culture.
    It can give you a greater independence from consumerism to be able to make your own stuff.
    One killer site for step-by-step projects is

  2. they are soooo cute! DIY is definitely a cool thing to do.

  3. These are some pretty cool ideas. I often like to sit around my house and build things out of stuff i find laying around. Its so fulfilling to make trash into something useful.

  4. I agree with Meera. That is the cutest picture I have ever seen! These are great ideas too.

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  6. I’m all about doing it myself! In fact, I watch the DIY channel through DISH Network on my phone when I need help with my repairs. It’s called the DISH Remote Access app; I work for DISH so I knew about it but didn’t think it would be so handy. Now I use it all the time, from working on my car or repairing holes in the walls.

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